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Beta/Brit-Pick Resource Post

Need a beta-reader or Brit-pick? Want to beta-read or Brit-pick? Please comment here with the following information!

+ Are you offering to beta/Britpick or are you looking for one?

If you are offering to beta-read or brit-pick:
+ How many people are you willing to beta for?
+ What services are you willing to provide? (Critique plot/characterization, check for SPaG, Brit-pick, smut assessment, etc)
+ Are there any ships or situations you refuse to read?
+ What's the best way to get in contact with you? (LJ message, reply to comment, email, etc)

If you're looking for a beta reader or Brit-pick:
+ Roughly how much time will the beta-reader have to look over your fic? (Note: While 'final drafts' are due on February 14, you can still tinker with them up until your posting date; we will just assign posting dates based on receipt of final submitted drafts on the 14th) i.e., when do you anticipate completing your fic / Roughly how long do you anticipate your fic being?
+ What ship(s) does your fic contain?
+ Does your fic contain anything that might keep a beta-reader/Brit-pick from wanting to look over it? (i.e. common triggers)

This post will remain open throughout the duration of the Challenge.

We hope this resource is helpful!


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